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Current Category: Video Testimonials

Test Anxiety? We’ve got the cure!

[caption id="attachment_2527" align="alignleft" width="300"]math tutor northville A multi-ethnic group of high school age students are sitting together in class and are reading classic literature.[/caption] Most students experience test anxiety at some point in their academic careers. When they have fallen behind or are feeling overwhelmed, test anxiety can really affect their performance. Poor test scores can lead to a drop in confidence which makes it even harder to succeed. Our in-home tutors are there for your students every step of the way. From homework help to test preparation, they ensure that your child is ready for the challenges they face at school. The caring support of our one-on-one tutors bolsters confidence and helps students to get back on track. Find your local Tutor Doctor office See how Tutor Doctor helps with test anxiety:

One-on-one Tutors Inspire Confidence in their Students

math tutor farmington"My tutor never gave up on me. She was able to provide private sessions that suited me and helped me with my individual learning style. Now I'm actually able to develop confidence in my subjects and I've learned to never give up on myself," says this Tutor Doctor student. Our tutors are matched to your student's personality and individual learning style so that they are more than just in-home tutors, they are mentors too. See his story here:

An End to Homework Hassles

math tutor northville"I like doing homework now..." says this Tutor Doctor student. Homework and test preparation can be a daily struggle for families. If you find yourself nagging your children to do their homework and meeting with resistance, then we have a solution to you. When students are overwhelmed, they will avoid doing homework. Our in-home tutors are there to help with the curriculum and homework so your children fill in the missing gaps and gain more confidence. Our one-on-one tutors also teach executive skills like task initiation, being organized and focusing on schoolwork so you don't have to struggle to get homework done.

Tutor Doctor helps Students of all Ages

You may not think of getting a tutor when you are taking an adult education or college class, but you probably need them more with the huge workloads that adult students have to handle. Tutor Doctor has experts in all subjects and in-home tutors for all ages. Watch how a university students was able to cope with her curriculum and assignments thanks to her one-on-one tutor from Tutor Doctor.   tutor doctor novi

One-on-one Tutors Create Independent Students

one on one tutor farmington

“Kylie’s grades have gone up at least a full letter grade within in the first two months… she’s not struggling with her language arts and she can do the work on her own now,” says Kylie’s mother. At Tutor Doctor, our in-home tutors work to not only fill in the missing building blocks in your child’s education, they also teach them the skills they need to be independent learners through our X-Skills program.

See Kylie’s story here:

Twins Improve in Academics and Confidence with One-on-one Tutoring

When students struggle, their confidence tends to suffer. This means they are less likely to participate in class, to ask questions and to say when they don’t understand. This means they fall further behind with each passing semester. One-on-one tutoring is the key to building confidence. Without the pressures of the classroom, students receive the individual attention they need, they get to fill in their missing building blocks and a personal tutor can check for understanding at each step. As they catch up and feel less overwhelmed, their confidence grows and their performance improves. Watch this video from twin girls whose academic performance and confidence has been vastly improved thanks to their in-home tutor from Tutor Doctor.

tutor doctor novi

A Tutor Doctor Testimonial that will make you Smile

Need a little pep in your step this Monday? Watch this dad tell you all about his daughter’s experience with Tutor Doctor’s in-home tutor and I guarantee you’ll have a little chuckle.

Watch the video here: doctor novi

Mom tells how Tutor Doctor Helped her Dyslexic Son to Excel

tutor doctor novi and farmington








We are over the moon with all the help we got from our Tutor Doctor tutor,” says the relieved mother of Surrey boy who had been struggling with English reading and writing. Dyslexia is fairly common, but it doesn’t mean your child can’t aspire to achieve every bit as much as the other students in their class. With a little help from their Tutor Doctor tutor, all children can learn at their own pace and in their own way. Watch this heart-warming story here:

Tutor Doctor Helps Special-Needs Students

Meet Patrick who, with the help of his mom and Tutor Doctor, has overcome many of the obstacles to learning. Patrick has worked closely with his in-home tutor on math and English and has been able to achieve his dreams of getting a job. Tutor Doctor has tutors who work specifically with special-needs students to help them fill their vast potential. See Patrick’s story here:

tutor doctor northville

Need help with Reading or Math?

in-home math tutor novi

Meet beautiful Bella and hear about her wonderful experience with Tutor Doctor. When you work with Tutor Doctor, a one-on-one tutor comes to your home, at a time that is convenient to you, and helps your child to fill in the missing building blocks in their foundation of knowledge. More importantly, Tutor Doctor’s in-home X-Skills program teaches your child the skills they need to be organized, confident students.

Watch Bella’s story here:

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